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About the Coalition



        The Coalition of Publicly Traded Partnerships is a trade association representing publicly traded ("master") limited partnerships and those who work with them.  The Coalition is an outgrowth of an informal lobbying organization which was formed in 1983.  Both the current Coalition and its predecessor have been highly successful in representing the interests of PTPs in Washington, with a number of  legislative and regulatory accomplishments.


         The Coalition is open to all publicly traded limited partnerships, corporate parents of PTPs; investment banking, law, and accounting firms who work with PTPs; and any other individual or business with an interest in the welfare of PTPs.  Membership dues for the Coalition are $16,000 for large partnerships and general partner members (those whose with assets of more than $400 million and revenue of more than $200 million); $12,000 for small partnerships and national investment banking firms; and $6,000 for accounting, law, and other service firms and regional investment banking firms. New members receive a 50% discount for their first year of membershipFor a membership application, click here.


        Services which the Coalition provides to its members include:    

  1. Monitoring and reporting to members on legislative, regulatory, and press developments affecting PTPs.

  2. The opportunity to review and take a position on legislative and regulatory developments

  3. Representation before Congress and the executive branch;

  4. Disseminating information on PTPs to the press, the investment community, and the general public,including an annual MLP Investors Conference at which Coalition members may make presentations; and

  5. Providing a clearinghouse through which members may share information and  ideas on common problems associated with the operation of PTPs.

             The Coalition’s top legislative priorities are the enactment of  federal legislation to improve the tax treatment of PTPs and preventing states from enacting tax provisions are harmful to PTPs or impossible for them to comply with.


           The Coalition is managed and represented by the government affairs division of Navigant Consulting, Inc.   For further information on the Coalition, contact Mary Lyman, 202-454-6624, [email protected]  



The Coalition of Publicly Traded Partnerships is a trade association exempted from federal income tax under  section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Membership dues and other contributions to the Coalition  cannot be deducted as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a trade or business expense subject to the rules on nondeductibility of lobbying expenditures.